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Mamma Mia

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"An arCHAEologist", I said and Miss Cheesely shook her head in response, signalling incomprehension. My young mind was still struggling with polysyllabic words so I tried a substitution of phonemes and answered her again : "An ARCHaeologist".

"Oh, an archaeologist?", she asked, as I patted myself on the back for getting it right and made a mental note of the correct pronunciation, "Why would you want to become one, li'l Lampooner? Archaeologists spend hours out digging in sunny climes to find dirty old bones, y'know."

"Becoming an archaeologist gets me closer to mummies, Miss Cheesely. It feeds my need for mummies."


"I love mummies. It must be the Oedipus Complex inside me."

Miss Cheesely sighed. I hadn't been paying attention in the psychology classes she said, and Freud would be turning in his grave, she hypothesized.

"That's factually incorrect", I replied, "Even for a hypothesis. Freud was in fact cremated. His ashes would be swirling in an urn would be more appropriate", I pointed out.

"Right", she said, "Anyway, your penchant for mollycoddling mummies seems-"

"I fear it is more than mere mollycoddling, Miss Cheesely."

She stared at me through her glasses. "Okay, this um.. love for mummies suggests necrophilia."

Necrophilia. I liked the sound of that word. I said it aloud, wondering if I got the phonemes right, and as Miss Cheesely nodded, realized that I did and made a mental note of the pronunciation.

"But why mummies?", she asked, "Wouldn't the cadavers at the Biology department be better partners, for want of a better word?"

"Cadavers?", I scoffed. "Mummies hit a hypothetical eleven on the necrophiliac hotness scale, Miss Cheesely. Think deadness as hotness and you can't get deader than a Mummy. Mummies are vintage death."


Miss Cheesely and I travelled to Cairo the year I came of age, an unlikely pair of tomb robbers. The desert - well, to cut a long story short, skipping over character descriptions and page filling material like intimate encounters, we did get to dig up mummies, actually a singular mummy, a single mom who preceded gender equality by centuries and was probably mummified alive and expected to be damned forever in the Netherworld. It is not known though why her mummy remained intact instead of being unwrapped and flesh torn to shreds by hellish minions, but a speculation on that subject is wisely left to the scholars. I was looking at the most attractive dead woman in the world and I could not care less about the dereliction of duties of the Netherworld staff.


She remained Miss Cheesely till her death in '56. After that she became Mrs. Lampooner.

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At 4:01 PM, Blogger taurius1 said...

Hm... I still think there's a degree of hotness associated with how good the corpse actually looks.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger sQuint said...

Haha brilliant... but but going for mummies is like a warped combination of necrophilia and bondage, you kinky li'l Satirico :D

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Lady Grinch said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 11:14 PM, Blogger Raveena said...

A combination of Oedipus complex and necrophilia... retro style!


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