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Mr. Lampooner in the hereafter.

Read the origin of Mr. Lampooner, literary superhero in chapter 1 of this epic saga here :


Chapter 4 : Mr. Lampooner in the hereafter.

Armed with my trusty Quill of Mockery, I travel this land of strange typography. As far as the eye can see, bizarre formations dot the landscape. I see sights and hear sounds that my senses have never encountered before in my journeys.

"What strange book have I leapt into this time?", I ask myself.

The book is presumably not written in English, explaining the strange typography of this land. In my journeys I have encountered literature in other tongues, finding myself at ease in their grammar. I have even traversed the literature of the Arabian lands, famed for their reverse sentence construction, causing the rivers to flow from the seas into the land and the Sun himself to rise in the west and set in the east. However, never before have I, Mr. Lampooner, literary superhero, set foot in a landscape so alien as this.

I see images of death all around me. They appear in symbols. The symbolism is all pervading. Is this a language constructed with symbolic alphabets? Each symbol seems to have a meaning of its own, representing a concept or an idea.

My train of thought is derailed by a booming voice.

"Who art thou?", asks a man, skin painted the deepest green, dressed in a pharaoh outfit.

"I am Mr. Lampooner, literary superhero.", replies I, in awe of the aura that envelops the man.

"A self proclaimed superhero? How boringly boastful. What right have you to enter this sacred text?"

I hold up my parodic licence. "This gives me the right."

"A licence to parody? Very well then, carry out your vile deed. But, have you any idea where you have landed?"

"I seem to recognise a few hieroglyphs. Have I fallen into Egyptian literature?"

"Yes. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, to be specific."

"Great Cleopatra's Garters! Then you must be Osiris, God of the Dead!"

"Yes. And I hope you've paid your mummifiers in advance. You are in the Afterlife."


Is this the last chapter of the saga of Mr. Lampooner, literary superhero?

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At 1:30 PM, Blogger taurius1 said...

Pass me the tissues. It's always a tearful moment when the main character dies... T_T


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