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A street war on the Festival of Lights

The day had finally come. I wore my fire retardant clothes and body armour and put on my ear plugs. Stepping out into the street was like entering a warzone. Loud blasts could be heard in the vicinity and shrapnel flew in all directions. I ran for cover, keeping my head low.

"What's the situation, sarge?", I asked my deputy as I reached our bunker in the street.

"We're running low on supplies, sir. We dispatched Goonie to the store but he hasn't returned yet."

"The enemy must have got him. God bless his li'l soul. Okay, what have we got?"

"Just a few bombs and a whole box of sparklers."

"Sparklers?! What are we going to do? Dazzle the enemy to death?", I sighed in resignation.


"Sir! Goonie's back! And, he has a cycle-load of rockets with him!"

"Buddha be praised! This turns the battle in our favour. Get the bottles ready. Load the rockets and set the orientation to 45 degrees west. Wait for my command..."

The street fell silent.

"And, FIRE!"

All the fuses lit in unison, the rockets exited their glass cannons with a loud hiss and zooomed right into the enemy lair in the next street. A few loud bangs later we saw the white flag rise through the rubble. Our street won the war!



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