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I was walking down the stairs early this morning, when I heard shouts of "FIRE!! Take him down!" and I found myself being shot at from all directions. I took evasive action and rolled down the stairs managing to avoid getting hit in the vitals. My thigh took a hit though, but I was intrigued to see only water on my pants instead of blood. I was obviously targetted by some unknown assailants armed with water pistols, who were in the process of getting away.

I gave chase and managed to catch one of them who turned out to be but a young lad. He shot me in the face. As I wiped the water off, I boxed the young whippersnapper in the ears and asked, "Shouldn't you be studying, pipsqueak?".

To this the dashed little blighter replied, "It's forbidden to study today."

"Forbidden? Why on earth is it forbidden to learn your lessons today?"

"You are stupider than you look, mister", the lad replied, "Today is the festival of the Goddess of knowledge. She forbade us to study. Bless her soul."

Visions of armed and dangerous children running around with impunity, with absolutely no parental contol, terrorising the peace-loving citizens flooded into my mind. I shuddered at the thought and ran upstairs to my room and locked myself. I was going to spend the day cooped up in front of my computer.



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